Why Choose Us

You have many choices when it comes to hiring a tile contractor.  When shopping for the right contractor and comparing proposals please consider the following:

Standard practices that separate us:

  • Unless stated, our proposal includes all setting materials such as cement board, caulk, thinset, and pan liner.
  • We always double slope our shower pans.  This is important for the long term integrity of your shower floor.
  • We protect all the floors we will be walking on during the project.
  • All cement board seams in the shower are siliconed before taping.
  • Our crews know when to use modified or unmodified thinset.
  • All grouts are mixed with an additive instead of water for durability.
  • All natural stone is sealed prior to grouting.
  • Niches are covered with waterproof membranes.
  • We caulk all 90 degree angles to avoid cracking grout.


  • Our employees are dressed in professionally lettered Tandem Tile and Stone, LLC shirts.
  • All employees are covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance, which protects you in case of an injury.
  • All our practices are governed by one employee manual and employees are held to high standards of workmanship and ethics.
  • All employees are on payroll and contribute to Social Security, State and Federal Taxes.
  • Employees regularly attend training seminars.
  • Tandem Tile values our community and often donates to schools and non-profits.

Please be sure that whomever you choose as your tile contractor knows what is needed to make the beauty of the project last for a long time.