Tile Installation

Our tile installers have experience in all kinds of tile installation.  Each project has considerations based on the materials used and  the area to be tiled.  Tandem Tile and Stone has the experience necessary to use the right materials to install a job that will last.

Specialty Stone Installation
Natural and engineered stones can be a beautiful addition to:

    • Sunrooms
    • Hearths
    • Fireplace Surrounds
    • Home Facades
    • Porches and Walkways

These materials have a wide variety of colors shapes and textures to complete any design idea that can be imagined.  There are also some special considerations in the weight and the thickness of the product, so it is better to discuss the structural needs before construction when possible.

Project Planning
Once you have decided to look into adding the beauty of tile or stone to your home, planning the project becomes the next step. The following link describes the process that we walk through with our clients to provide the best assistance in planning your project.

Step 1: Initial Meeting
By choosing to work with a tile and stone professional, you’ve already taken the first step in planning your project. Next someone from our consultation team will schedule a time to meet with you at your site where the project is to take place. If this is a new construction or designed remodel, that meeting can take place anywhere that the drawings or designs can be looked over.

Step 2: Choosing Materials
Our next goal will be to assist you in choosing the materials that you want to have installed. There are many product choices and they vary by intended uses as well as in color, texture, and by the materials from which the product is made. So it is important to familiarize yourself with the product you choose so that you will be happy with the product once it is installed. The choosing of materials is usually done at the supplier where the product will be purchased. There are many suppliers that we work with, so please ask for a list from our office if you are unfamiliar with where to look for products.

Step 3: Choosing a pattern
Next you will want to choose the pattern and layout of the product that you are installing. This can sometimes affect pricing since a more complicated pattern can take more time to install as well as create a need for more materials.